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This Week's High Scores

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Position Name Score
1 DARKWARRlOR0 1,280
2 Koswordsman 1,190
3 Firebeaster 1,182
4 Lasserman8 1,086
5 aog queen 1,083
6 zo2zo2 870
7 Beast Sadoun 849
8 F2PNormieREE 844
9 LadyTadpole 819
10 Jarlah 814


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Dead Weight

Jagex Points ???

This is a secret achievement.

Good Learner Dawn of Battle First Blood Saradomin Be With You Strength Through Chaos Fist of Guthix Light of 1,000 Crystals Big High War God Tumeken Rises This Morn Tactically Agnostic Bulletproof Monk Thinking with Portals Armageddon Army of Bones Got To Get Them All Dragonslayer Immortal Fear of Flying Warmonger Warlord Warmaster Tactically Atheistic Hail to the Chief Fragmentation Apocalypse Agree to Disagree Team Player My Sphinx, Therefore, I Can Sole Survivor Dead Weight Multi Faith Society Share and Enjoy Peril of the Plains Sire of the Sands Wrath of Winter Master of Marshes Zamorak's Supremacy Zamorak's Silver Zamorak's Gold Plucking Feathers Push to the East Zarosian Purge Run, Dwarves, Escape! Saradomin's Silver Saradomin's Gold Peddewa Sieged The Brothers March Zaros Surrounded Beep, Beep Guthix's Silver Guthix's Gold Take a Chair Scarecrow Twilight of the Gods